BiggerPockets Podcast 529: “Free Real Estate”, Negotiations, & Market Cycles | ‘Takeover’ Ep w Pace Morby

Creative financing solves an important problem for almost every type of real estate investor. Don’t have enough cash? Try creative financing! No credit? Try creative financing! Ran out of conventional loans? You already know what we’re going to say...One of the most knowledgeable real estate investors around, who pretty much reinvented the subject to deal, is Pace Morby, and he’s here with us today! Pace invites four guests onto the show to ask him their most burning questions about subject to deals, creative financing, legal protections when investing in real estate, and how to negotiate with a seller. Even if you’ve never thought of doing a creative financing structure, Pace may convince you that there’s good reason to be educated on them, as it could help you save thousands in closing costs and allow you to scale your portfolio much quicker.

BiggerPockets Podcast 528: 5 Questions to Ask EVERY Seller & Finding the “Bunnies” To Close the Deal

Closing off-market deals is one of the best ways to start stacking your real estate portfolio, especially while the housing market is so hot. But, off-market deals often require cold-calling, which is something that makes many investors’ blood run cold. So, how do you talk to a seller in the most confident, comfortable, and competent way? You start by asking the five questions Pace Morby, master of off-market deal-finding and creative financing, has laid out. These five questions were developed over years of cold calling and door knocking. They were specifically designed to walk a seller through a transaction, making them as comfortable as possible, allowing them to bring up their own limitations, and giving you the space to close if the deal fits. This is not your typical “call the seller and give them a cash offer” piece of advice. These questions run far, far deeper than that. If you’ve wanted to try flipping, wholesaling, or even just off-market deal finding, this may be the perfect episode to listen to, as a veteran investor lays out the exact questions he used to close on 500+ off-market deals.

BiggerPockets Podcast 527: 300 Doors, 100% Creative Financing with Pace Morby

Pace Morby’s name has become synonymous with seller financing, subject to deals, and flipping. He is one of the most educated players in the real estate game on all things related to non-traditional financing. He even taught Brandon Turner, the author of Investing in Real Estate with No (and Low) Money Down, a thing or two on today’s show! Originally working as a contractor, Pace was hired on as a flipper for some popular iBuyer portfolios. He flipped over a thousand homes a year but was doing so without building any wealth for himself. This is when he began flipping his own homes and slowly, steadily building a portfolio of rentals that would provide him with the cash flow he desired. Did we mention he did this entirely without bank financing? Since Pace is the go-to investor for all things creative financing, Brandon and David took advantage of his time on the show to ask him about subject to strategies, seller financing tips, and how he takes a seller from consideration to closing. If you’ve been wondering how to build your rental portfolio without down payments, credit checks, or preapproval from banks, this is THE episode to listen to.

Spotlight on Fair Housing at NAR’s Annual Conference

The National Association of REALTORS®’ fair housing team will present two sessions at the 2021 REALTORS® Conference & Expo that offer attendees the opportunity to explore the history of racial discrimination in real estate and to examine and overcome their own hidden biases.

BiggerPockets Podcast 525: Stop Planning Goals Around Results, Do This Instead with Geoff Woods

Our perceptions of work and life have changed significantly over the past year. While we once had a clear distinction between the two, now, we have a blurred line barely separating them. For some, this has made their life more hectic, and for others, more clear. It’s now more important than ever to define where we’re going and why we’re going in that direction. Joining David today is Mindy Jensen, host of the BiggerPockets Money Podcast, and Geoff Woods, host The ONE Thing Podcast. Many guests on the show have mentioned The ONE Thing for its simple, yet impactful message for team leaders and solopreneurs who have too much on their plates. Geoff has taken the message of this book and his organization to heart, allowing him to free up time, and live a truly extraordinary life. Geoff unpacks exactly what it means to have intentional goals and live with purpose. He is very specific on defining what truly matters to your business, personal life, and internal values, and separates those things from the rest. Geoff also brings on Jordan and John, two business partners, one of which attended The ONE Thing Retreat last year, and talks them through their long-term vision, goal, and strategy.