BiggerPockets Podcast 472: Here’s What You SHOULDN’T Do When Long-Distance Investing

Nick Lamagna wasn’t planning on getting into real estate investing. When he finished college he knew that he wanted to go into law enforcement to help with counter-terrorism. He scored well on all the tests needed to be a great candidate for his dream job, but when he suffered a permanent hand injury, he was disqualified from working in law enforcement. During a period where Nick didn’t know what he was going to do, his mom forced him to read Rich Dad Poor Dad, which (like many of our listeners) changed his view on making money and having a career. After the initial interest was sparked, Nick started tackling real estate deals outside of his native state of New York. He faced challenges with getting mortgages, so he partnered with other real estate investors. He needed more cash, so he started wholesaling. The 2008 housing market crash happened, so he decided to start flipping. And now, Nick is going into bigger deals like commercial real estate and mobile home parks. Nick’s advice to new investors: think creatively, get comfortable with being uncomfortable, be in constant contact with your team, and don’t stick to one strategy.

Housing Priorities in Infrastructure Letter

On Thursday, May 20, NAR and a coalition of real estate industry groups sent a letter to the Senate Banking Committee for its hearing, “21st Century Communities: Expanding Opportunity Through Infrastructure Investments.”

BiggerPockets Podcast 471: What Michael Jordan and Kobe Taught Tim Grover about “Winning”

We like to think that we have a lot of winners on the BiggerPockets Real Estate Podcast, whether they are in real estate or not. We may have one of the biggest winners on today's show. Tim Grover, trainer to Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant joins us to talk about overcoming adversity, developing a winning mindset, finding what makes you fail, and his new book, accurately titled Winning: The Unforgiving Race to Greatness.  Tim argues that one of the hardest things to succeed in is business since there are so many factors that influence success. When you own or run a business, you’re constantly being thrown curveballs (like a global pandemic tied with government shutdowns). So how do you succeed when there is a constantly changing game plan? You adapt, you overcome, and you mitigate failure. These are the exact lessons that Tim taught to his high-profile clients, like Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant, arguably the two greatest basketball players of all time. Before MJ and Kobe became the best, they had to master being average, then being good, then being great. So many people want to take shortcuts to greatness, not understanding that mastering those different levels is what truly puts you on a different stage than those who master the average level and give up.

Court Maintains CDC Eviction Moratorium Pending Appeal

Ongoing litigation regarding the Center for Disease Control's (CDC's) nationwide eviction moratorium has resulted in a recent stay issued by the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia, which means the CDC order remains in place nationwide pending further appeals.

USDA Adopts Changes to Loan Program

On June 21, 2019, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Rural Housing Service (RHS) published a final rule adopting changes to the RHS guaranteed and direct single family loan programs proposed in August 2018

BiggerPockets Podcast 470: The 7 Tips @investorgirlbritt Used to Go from Amateur to Pro Investor

There has been a great feud between Brittany Arnason and Host of the BiggerPockets Podcast, Brandon Turner. Both of them have done lots of renovations on houses, secured millions in funding, and live right next to the beach in Maui, but only one of them has won a “quickest person to get to 200,000 followers on Instagram” battle. We’re happy to have the winner on our show as a guest today! Brittany started out her real estate journey when she was 18 years old, buying her first rental property and tackling a multitude of different DIY projects. If you haven’t heard her story, you can check it out on episode 320. Now she’s back to talk about how she moved to Maui, hired out her employees, secured funding on commercial deals, and used social media to get her deals and connections. Her biggest advice to new investors, “jump in before you’re ready”. You won't ever have all the answers, but those who get started will finish far ahead of those who always dream about being an investor. You can also help ease the stress and unforeseen speed bumps by getting in groups with other investors, following those you look up to on social media, and becoming a resource for future mentors.

BiggerPockets Podcast 469: Why Do Investors Lie to Themselves? +More Audience Q&A (Pt. 2)

We interview a lot of great guests on our Sunday episodes of the BiggerPockets Real Estate podcast, but we rarely hear from agents, investors, and BiggerPockets listeners who are in an early stage of real estate success. Both Brandon and David know what it’s like to be grinding, day in and day out, to get your real estate business off the ground. That’s why they’re here today to answer questions from live listeners about mindset, mentality, and growth. We talk to Brody, Joseph, Wale, and Mike, all in different stages of their real estate journey, and all very committed to success! You’ll hear questions like: If given the chance to go back, what would Brandon and David do differently? What deserves more emphasis, mindset or skill set? Is it okay to explore different opportunities at an early stage of investing? How to find balance when SO many opportunities are exciting? How do you make time for family, a job, side businesses, and real estate? Why do investors lie to themselves? Thanks again to our guests for coming on and throwing such great questions at Brandon and David!

BiggerPockets Podcast 468: You Asked, Brandon and David Answered: Real Estate Q&A (Part 1)

Last time we did a live Q&A, fans from all over came on to ask questions to Brandon and David. Now we’re back, answering the questions that BiggerPockets Real Estate Podcast fans have on their minds. We’ll go over a handful of questions, all from different investors in different parts of their real estate journey. Questions include: How can investors offload their unwanted properties to charities? How do I stop analysis paralysis even after so much research? Is it a good idea to buy in an area with a falling population? What metrics should I look for when scaling my portfolio? What’s the best niche to build wealth fastest? Plus other commonly asked questions Thanks again to our guests Nicole, Michael, Ryan, Owen, and Emily for throwing their great questions at Brandon and David!