BiggerPockets Podcast 388: The 7-Step “Playbook” for Scaling Your Real Estate Business With AJ Osborne

Do you dream of stepping back from the day to day and working on your business rather than in it? Of course you do! AJ Osborne has achieved that goal—and having experienced a harrowing health emergency that incapacitated him for months (see show 286), this Boise, Idaho, investor is ultra-qualified to discuss the value of documenting, delegating, and streamlining your real estate business so it can run without you. AJ owns and operates over 1 million square feet of self-storage. Today he breaks down the seven-step process he uses to improve operations, unlock hidden value, and scale fast. If you're thinking, "I don't do deals that big," rest assured: AJ reveals that he actually lost money on his very first deal but gained a ton of wisdom, which he's generous enough to share with us today—and which applies across the board. Plus, AJ shares a tip on financing deals that may totally change the way you think about growing your portfolio! Check him out, and pick up a copy of his book, The Investor's Guide to Growing Wealth in Self-Storage: How to Turn a Real Estate Asset into a Thriving Business.

CFPB Unveils Advisory Opinion Pilot

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) announced a new pilot program that allows businesses to seek clarity on regulatory compliance obligations through a request for an advisory opinion (AO).

NAR Comments on FHLB Membership

A number of financial entities with different business models have sought entry to the Federal Home Loan Bank system due to its low cost of funds and other advantages.

Diversity and Inclusion References

Seeking knowledge and meaningful conversation through a variety of perspectives and resources builds the ability to learn from the past and provides solutions for a better future. The purpose of this page is to collect those perspectives and resources from around the country for associations to reference and share in order to keep the conversation moving forward.

Separation of Buyer and Seller Closing Disclosures

Closing a real estate transaction on time and based on clear and accurate information is a priority for real estate professionals. This resource addresses common issues experienced by real estate professionals as it relates to closing information.