BiggerPockets Podcast 513: Seeing Greene: BRRRR 101 – Loans, Deals, & Cash Flow

Welcome back to another episode of Seeing Greene with BiggerPockets Podcast host, top real estate agent, and BRRRR master himself, David Greene. Today’s episode touches on many topics that relate to the BRRRR strategy, ranging from financing, rehabbing, calculating cash flow, and where to find deals. Since the BRRRR method is such a popular strategy among real estate investors, we thought it best to have an episode that touches on so many aspects of the BRRRR strategy itself. Not only has David written the book on BRRRR investing, but he also continues to do BRRRR investing in his real estate career. This strategy is not only one of the best ways to get into real estate with low (or no) money down, it’s also a method that works on building generational wealth for you in the background. Have a question you want David to answer on the next Seeing Greene episode? Submit your video submission at

BiggerPockets Podcast 512: From Losing $150k at the Blackjack Table to 7-Figure Profits in Real Estate

Back in 2004, Jude Bernard was sitting at a blackjack table in Vegas. This wasn’t his first game of the day, nor his second, or even his third. Jude had been sitting at that blackjack table for thirty hours straight. When the final game ended, he walked away, $150,000 poorer than he started. Jude then found the closest tattoo parlor, walked in, and got the phrase “never again” tattooed on his hand as a testament to his mistake. Now, Jude runs a rental and flipping empire, settling for no less than seven-figure profits on his fix and flips. He also runs The Brooklyn Bank, a non-profit designed to help economically empower people of color in New York City. Through his earlier gambling mistakes, Jude realized that no matter what, the “house” always wins. So, he searched for a way that he could become the “house” in his environment, and the best way was through real estate investing. Jude has built a very strong foundation for his real estate investing through taking calculated risks, nurturing his relationships, and letting his fears fuel his fire. Jude is currently raising money to help the people of Haiti through their most recent natural disaster. Brandon and David have both pledged $5,000 each. To help out, even more, Brandon wants all listeners to know that If you donate $5,000 to The Brooklyn Bank organization, Brandon will host you in Maui! For full details please contact

BiggerPockets Podcast 511: Getting Your Market, Money, and Mindset Right | 3 Coaching Calls!

So many BiggerPockets listeners are out there killing it in the world of real estate investing. But, with growth and positive change comes more and more questions. On today’s coaching call, David Greene talks to Carly, Michael, and Katie about three different problems that present three specific solutions. Carly is trying to weigh the risk of investing in a declining market, Michael wants to shake off the “agent shame” that comes with lead generating as a realtor, and Katie wants to power her growth with more revenue and more cash flow. Each of these real estate professionals is in a different spot: one is a small-time landlord, one is a new agent, and the other is a fix and flip veteran. Even with completely different investment plans, all three of these investors are able to find simple, meaningful solutions when talking with David. The topics touched on in this episode include creating an investment strategy, house hacking, finding the right property managers, growing your confidence, purchasing commercial real estate, and more. If you want to get in on the next call with David, click this link to apply!

BiggerPockets Podcast 510: Work Less and Make More by “Working the System” with Sam Carpenter & Josh Fonger

As an entrepreneur, you may be used to putting in hours of work learning new tactics, skills, and strategies. Your business rests on your shoulders, and why wouldn’t it, you’re the one who built it from the ground up. While it’s a commendable feat to build a profitable business, it can also be a prison sentence for many “hands-on” entrepreneurs. This is how Sam Carpenter, author of Work the System felt as he put in 110 hours a week just to keep his business afloat. Sam realized why he was working so hard without seeing results: there were no systems in his business. Once he started implementing systems and processes, he went from 110+ hour weeks to 2 hour weeks. The same happened with one of his students and now partner, Josh Fonger, who runs Work the System Enterprises where he helps business owners from over 50 countries scale their businesses with far less headache. If you’ve ever felt that your business relies on you too much to take a day off, take a vacation, or simply work less every week, these are the two guys you need to talk to. Josh and Sam were kind enough to take three live guest calls on this episode’s recording to help with their specific business problems. As all the guests are real estate investors and professionals, much of the advice may translate to your business as well!

BiggerPockets Podcast 509: Cars & Cashflow: Manny Khoshbin’s Story from Homeless to $1B

If you scroll through Manny Khoshbin’s Instagram, you’ll see wealth, success, and a lot of very nice automobiles. You may look at his life and say “well, that must be nice”, but there is much more to Manny than Ferraris and private planes. A few decades ago, Manny was homeless, sleeping in a car with five other family members, simply trying to survive in America. Manny’s dad wanted to protect his son from entering the military in Iran, so two weeks before Manny’s birthday, the family packed up and left for the United States. They were homeless for a couple of months but slowly were able to find jobs and scrape together some money. Manny worked at a swap meet, a K-mart, a multi-level marketing company selling snacks, and other various jobs. As he was working he realized that the people driving the Porches, Lamborghinis, and Mercedes were all investing in real estate. After making money in his entrepreneurial endeavors, he bought his first commercial property. Now, two and a half decades later, Manny is sitting on a billion dollars worth of real estate. Oh, and did we mention he bought this all without syndicating?