BiggerPockets Podcast 559: 1,000 Units as a Part-Time Nurse and the System That Helped Her Get There w/Stephanie Betters

Real estate CRMs (customer relationship management) aren’t the most exciting things to talk about…that is until you look at the results they help build. Before building her own CRM, Stephanie Betters was struggling to grow her real estate portfolio. She had an original goal to acquire fifteen units before her children went to college, but realized that her taxing job as a nurse wouldn’t allow it. For her to hit fifteen units, she would have to scale, automate, and delegate tasks. She did just that and overshot her goal by a significant margin. As of now, Stephanie has 1,000 rental units and is wholesaling and building another 200 deals per year. She’s doing all of this while working as a part-time nurse, which truly shows her real estate system is a well-oiled machine. But, this system wasn’t just dropped into her lap, she had to build it herself using Salesforce as a base. If you’ve been thinking about scaling your business, no matter what stage you’re at, Stephanie has recommendations for how to do so in the best way possible. This includes systems for the novice investor/house hacker up to the streamlined syndicator and everything in between.

BiggerPockets Podcast 558: Seeing Greene: Cash Flow—The Most Overrated Metric in Real Estate?

Cash flow is arguably the most important metric in real estate investing…that is if you’re talking to novice investors. Expert investors, like David Greene, know that cash flow is but one of many factors to consider when buying a rental property, and it’s arguably the least important. While rookie investors focus on building their cash flow, veterans focus on building their wealth while freeing up their time. On this week’s episode of Seeing Greene, your jiu-jitsu and real estate sensei is back to drop some wealth-building bombs so you can work less, live more, and lead a happier life. David takes questions in the form of video submissions as well as questions off of the BiggerPockets forums. The topics of these questions range from HELOC (home equity lines of credit), buying rentals without a W2, cash flow vs. appreciation, and why rent appreciation isn’t matching home appreciation. Want to ask David a question? Send in your video submission here!

BiggerPockets Podcast 556: The Most Feared BRRRR Step (and How to Get Over It) | Coaching Calls

If you’re rehabbing a rental, performing a BRRRR, building an ADU, or even getting into new construction, now is a challenging time for you. With supply chain problems, limited materials, and all-time high housing prices, contractors are in low supply. Even when you do schedule a project, the likelihood of your contractors showing up on time can be slim at best. David Greene is back with another round of coaching calls to give his take on this current contractor crisis, as well as answer questions on the BRRRR strategy, the turnkey rental method, going over budget, and how to stay focused when investing. If you’ve struggled at all with anything related to calculating rehab budgets, liens on properties, and managing contractors yourself, be sure to write down David’s suggestions. Have a question about real estate investing you want to ask David? Want to help other investors in your position? Submit your question here! 

BiggerPockets Podcast 555: Buying in Expensive Markets & When to Jump Into Real Estate: Live Q&A w/Henry Washington

If you’ve got real estate investing questions, David Greene and Henry Washington have answers. These two real estate investors have been through the good times and the bad times, dealing with dozens of tenants, plenty of 2 AM maintenance calls, and all the fun that comes along the way. Today, they open up their minds to help share answers to some of the most asked real estate questions. These questions were taken directly from real estate investors, just like you! You’ll get to hear exactly how David and Henry answer tough questions like these, on the spot, with no preparation. If you’ve been itching to ask a question to a high-level investor like David or Henry, stick around, as they might answer your question on today’s episode!

BiggerPockets Podcast 554: 81 Units in 3 Years: All On-Market with NO Bank Loans w/Cody Davis

Profitable on-market properties are all around you, you just need to take the time to look. Oh, we hear what you’re saying, “all those on-market properties are bad deals!” While not all properties sitting on the MLS are home runs, today’s guest Cody Davis can confirm there are multiple cash flowing needles in the public housing market haystack. Cody and his partner have been able to grow their portfolio to eighty-one units, all through seller financing and all found on-market. These deals not only cash flow but once paid off will allow Cody to retire not only himself but his mother as well. Did we mention that he’s twenty-one years old at the time of this recording? Another under-thirty-expert to add to our list of impressive guests! While many investors give up after initial pushback over seller financing, Cody goes one step further by having the investor emotionally invest in his success. No tacky sales methods or pushy conversations—just honest work with a clear vision that a seller can relate to. Cody is top of his class in terms of managing properties, acquiring new ones, and working with sellers—a guest ANY investor can learn a lot from!