BiggerPockets Podcast 476: Using Partners to Scale & Killing it With Airbnbs w/ Tony J Robinson

Normally we have two hosts and one guest, but today we have three hosts, and one of them happens to be a guest as well. We welcome Tony J Robinson, host of the BiggerPockets Real Estate Rookie Podcast, to the show! Tony has grown a respectable following due to his impressive short-term rental portfolio, his ability to scale quickly, and his made-for-radio voice. Tony grew up with real estate around him. His dad had a wholesaling company, and when it closed down his father relayed to Tony that his biggest mistake was failing to keep any of the wholesale deals as rentals. With this advice in mind, Tony saw an opportunity to fix up some rental properties in Louisiana. This gave him an intro to real estate funding, and after a few successful deals, he decided to dive in head first. Now, Tony has short-term rentals in Tennessee and Joshua Tree. He’s started multiple partnerships and speaks on the benefits of having reliable, trustworthy partners, plus how to avoid toxic partnerships that will stop you from scaling. He also lets us in on his free and simple method of finding out whether or not a market will work for short-term rentals.

BiggerPockets Podcast 475: 50x Your Revenue By Focusing on ROR (Return on Relationships) with John Ruhlin

You wouldn’t think that a farm boy from Ohio would be spending hundreds of thousands if not millions on expensive clothing, high-priced whiskey, and expensive knife sets, would you? Only, he’s not buying these things for himself, he’s buying them for his clients, many of whom are some of the biggest names in business and entertainment. What does John Ruhlin from Giftology see in gift-giving that we don’t? First, John realized that giving regular corporate gifts, like a stress ball or a free pen, wouldn’t cut it when trying to build long-term relationships. He even went as far as to get courtside NBA tickets paired with a $500 steakhouse dinner to get Cameron Herold (a past guest of ours) on his team, only to find that Cameron was severely disappointed. So he started turning up the personalization of his gifts. Now, John sends out personally engraved knife sets, world-class food and wine pairings hosted by the best sommelier in the country, and video messages sent in physical boxes (seriously). He’s discovered the art and the science behind gift-giving and wants everyone to know what is, and isn’t an appropriate gift. As he puts it, you need to focus on your ROR (return on relationships) more than your ROI.

BiggerPockets Podcast 474: How this Busy Mom of Three Bought $75M of Real Estate w/ Pilli Yarusi

Letting go of something successful isn’t easy, but what if you know it’s costing you your dreams? Today we talk to mother, real estate agent, and massive multifamily investor, Pili Yarusi, about doing what it takes to stay focused, engaged, and on top of your life. Pili moved out to New York from Hawaii with dreams of becoming a star in theater but ended up working as a bartender. Lucky for her, bartending is where she met her husband and future business partner. Together, they started flipping houses, which taught her not only to systematize investments but also to use her creativity in an efficient way. She and her husband later expanded into wholesaling. Pili knew something was missing and she wanted to focus more on growing a multifamily portfolio. With help from some mentors, she realized that the main thing holding her back was her current (and very successful) flipping and wholesaling business. She closed both businesses, got herself systematized, and went head first into multifamily. Now this homeschool teacher/mom is sitting on $75,000,000 in real estate, totaling in at 850 units. No small number by ANY means! She gives some incredible advice on what new investors need to do before they can reach their goals of owning big portfolios.

BiggerPockets Podcast 473: Quitting the Police Force, Wholesaling, & Buying Notes with David Greene

There is only one man on the podcast today that has a beard, and no, it’s not the guitar-playing, surfing, 7-foot tall one. David Greene is “seeing Greene” in this episode and gives new and experienced investors advice and answers on their questions. We go through a range of subjects from real estate notes, quitting a W2, scaling, and whether or not to start a property management business. With David’s experience as a W2 police officer, agent, broker, investor, and lender, he can give all kinds of great answers related to real estate. So whether you’re a newbie trying to get your first deal done or an experienced landlord closing on a new house every week, there is probably some question David answers that can help you out! All of these questions have been asked by BiggerPockets listeners either via video or from Facebook. If you weren’t able to get a question answered by David this time, you can submit a question at this link.