BiggerPockets Podcast 469: Why Do Investors Lie to Themselves? +More Audience Q&A (Pt. 2)

We interview a lot of great guests on our Sunday episodes of the BiggerPockets Real Estate podcast, but we rarely hear from agents, investors, and BiggerPockets listeners who are in an early stage of real estate success. Both Brandon and David know what it’s like to be grinding, day in and day out, to get your real estate business off the ground. That’s why they’re here today to answer questions from live listeners about mindset, mentality, and growth. We talk to Brody, Joseph, Wale, and Mike, all in different stages of their real estate journey, and all very committed to success! You’ll hear questions like: If given the chance to go back, what would Brandon and David do differently? What deserves more emphasis, mindset or skill set? Is it okay to explore different opportunities at an early stage of investing? How to find balance when SO many opportunities are exciting? How do you make time for family, a job, side businesses, and real estate? Why do investors lie to themselves? Thanks again to our guests for coming on and throwing such great questions at Brandon and David!

BiggerPockets Podcast 468: You Asked, Brandon and David Answered: Real Estate Q&A (Part 1)

Last time we did a live Q&A, fans from all over came on to ask questions to Brandon and David. Now we’re back, answering the questions that BiggerPockets Real Estate Podcast fans have on their minds. We’ll go over a handful of questions, all from different investors in different parts of their real estate journey. Questions include: How can investors offload their unwanted properties to charities? How do I stop analysis paralysis even after so much research? Is it a good idea to buy in an area with a falling population? What metrics should I look for when scaling my portfolio? What’s the best niche to build wealth fastest? Plus other commonly asked questions Thanks again to our guests Nicole, Michael, Ryan, Owen, and Emily for throwing their great questions at Brandon and David!

NAR Submits Comment to CFPB on Pandemic Servicing

NAR sent a response to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB)’s Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM), titled "Protections for Borrowers Affected by the COVID-19 Emergency Under the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (RESPA), Regulation X."

BiggerPockets Podcast 467: #1 NYT Bestselling Author Adam Grant on the Need to “Think Again”

Everyone wants to be right all the time. We have so many preconceived notions running through our heads at all times, and we always think that we’re the ones standing on the right side of history. What if that train of thought was secretly pushing you to failure, or even death? Adam Grant argues this point in his book Think Again. Adam hypothesizes that the main reason so many businesses, relationships, and experiments fail is because those in them tend to be locked in on one view. How many times have you been in a fight with your partner where you realize you may be wrong, but also realize it would be worse to back down from your original stance? This is how businesses like Blockbuster and Blackberry slowly faded away while the likes of Apple and Microsoft flourished. Adam talks through some of the best (and worst) moments in business history when companies thought they were too big to fall. The same goes for political candidates, social movements, and almost any other type of human-to-human interaction. The one way you can be sure you’re coming out with the right conclusion? Think like a scientist! 

Court Rules on CDC Eviction Moratorium

On May 5, 2021, the U.S. District Court for the District of Colombia struck down the Center for Disease Control’s (CDC) nationwide eviction moratorium set to expire at the end of June, concluding the moratorium exceeds the limits Congress placed on the CDC’s authority.

BiggerPockets Podcast 466: Buying “Lottery Ticket” Investment Properties with Alan Corey

Alan Corey has had an interesting career to say the least. He’s been an IT worker, a comedian, an author, a real estate investor, and even a reality TV star. Alan has always been fascinated with making passive income in a frugal, but very intelligent way. He’s so frugal in fact, that he made up a crazy story to be on the Jerry Springer show, just to get a free trip to Chicago out of it. Talk about being committed! Alan’s real estate story starts off with buying a 1 bedroom apartment in Brooklyn, New York, hanging up a curtain in the living room, and house hacking. He then repeated this strategy over and over again, becoming a millionaire before 30 years old, with a lot of property and “good debt”. Alan is part of the FIRE (financial independence retire early) community, but instead of investing mainly in stocks, he does so in real estate. His strategy is simple: buy a rental property for every bill you have, then start inventing “fun bills” as excuses to buy more rental property. Whether you’re looking to pay off your phone bill every month, or finance your brand new Tesla, this strategy will work for you. Alan also “hides money from himself” so he can be better off in the future. Right now he’s sitting on around $8,000,000 of real estate solely from his own investments. His new book House FIRE teaches you everything you need to know about retiring early with real estate!

The First 100 Days in Housing

Real estate has been a priority in President Joe Biden’s early agenda. Find out what he’s achieved for the industry by the first major milestone of his administration.

BiggerPockets Podcast 465: How Ryan Serhant Uses “Big Money Energy” To Make Millions

If you don’t feel amped up to accomplish your goals, you definitely will after this episode. Today we talk to real estate agent, entrepreneur, author, and Million Dollar Listing New York star, Ryan Serhant. You’ve probably seen Ryan selling ridiculously nice (and expensive) homes on TV, but today you’ll be the private audience to hear his backstory, his work ethic, and how he developed his big confidence. Ryan moved to New York to become the next big star in theatre, but after seeing the financial position of those “successful” actors he looked up to, he made a pivot. Ryan got his real estate license and started listing apartments to pay his bills, but was given a golden opportunity when an foreign buyer specifically chose him to find her next multi-million dollar home in New York City. Ryan still remembers the lack of confidence he felt when he got the listing, and knew the only thing to do was educate himself and practice his pitch. Long story short, he helped the buyer find her dream home, and the rest is history. You’ll hear Ryan talk about the importance of confidence, not only in this podcast, but in his new book Big Money Energy. Brandon and David both agree with Ryan on how important, and often undervalued, having confidence is. Not just confidence in your work, but confidence that you’ll be able to accomplish the most challenging tasks you set for yourself!