BiggerPockets Podcast 394: Making a 25 Deal/Year Business (and Marriage) Work… Together! with Elliot and Chrissy Smith

Ever considered partnering up with your spouse or another family member? Today's guests Elliot and Chrissy Smith did just that when they left stable careers to flip, wholesale, and buy rental properties together in Washington state. Running the business together wasn't easy on their marriage. In fact, they almost got divorced. Fast forward to today... they're happy, doing 25 deals/year, and building long-term wealth by steadily buying rental properties. So, what adjustments did they make? In this episode Elliot and Chrissy share what they've learned about defining roles, managing cashflow, and finding work-life balance as young parents who happen to be business partners. It's a rare inside look at the ups and downs – and risks and rewards – of running a true family business. As die-hard fans right remember from his appearance on Show #255, Elliot is a skilled negotiator... and today he shares a surprisingly simple negotiating tip for those nerve-wracking kitchen table conversations with homeowners. Look: you gotta love a couple who hires a babysitter just so they can drive around looking for distressed properties (a move which led to today's Deal Deep Dive). So check out this episode, and share it with your spouse, friend, or family member who you think might enjoy it!

Flirting With Disaster

A properly drafted, up-to-date disaster preparedness plan enables businesses to act quickly & effectively during a time filled with stress and panic.

Equipping Members to End Bias

As part of its ACT Fair Housing Action Plan, the National Association of REALTORS® teamed with the Perception Institute to create an online workshop that helps REALTORS® understand how implicit bias may enter into business transactions.

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