Window to the Law: Vaccine Policies for Real Estate

Vaccine mandates are making headlines, but how do vaccine policies apply to real estate brokerages? Get tips and best practices to consider when providing real estate services in light of the ongoing pandemic, including seller vaccine requirements and avoiding potential fair housing pitfalls.

BiggerPockets Podcast 563: W2 Retired and Traveling the World with Just 15 Units w/Sarah Weaver

Long-distance investing may sound like an impossible feat to achieve for many investors. What if something goes wrong in the house? What if something needs fixing? What if there are problems with tenants? As today’s guest Sarah Weaver puts it, “do nothing”, your core four can handle it all so you don’t have to stress. Sarah knows what she’s talking about—she’s been a nomadic landlord for years now, teaching agents and investors how to grow their businesses while living their dream life. Sarah was able to close on twelve units while operating abroad and working remotely. She was buying fourplexes while hiking in New Zealand, landlording while on the beaches of Bali, and growing her businesses while enjoying everything South America had to offer. Sarah embodies the exact type of life so many investors are looking for. The difference between most investors and Sarah? She let go of fear and kept her goals in mind, no matter what she was doing. This way, she’s been able to retire off of fifteen rental properties in less than a decade while running her own business, traveling, and really doing whatever she wants!

BiggerPockets Podcast 562: How to Make 2022 Your Best Year Ever

“How to invest in real estate?” is a commonly searched-for term across the internet. With home prices continuing to climb and inventory staying low, more people want to know how it’s possible to buy real estate in turbulent times like 2022. It’s no surprise there’s been an uptick in investors—real estate offers consistent, reliable returns, paired with big tax benefits and the ability to scale with ease. But don’t you worry, we’re not going to make you go through all the trips and stumbles uneducated investors have to face. David Greene, host of the BiggerPockets Real Estate Podcast, has made these mistakes for you, so you can achieve financial freedom faster and with less stress. David shares eleven powerful tips that you can use to make 2022 your best investing year yet! He also provides examples from his own investing career on what you should (and should not) do when getting your footing in the investing world. If you pair this information with daily consistent action, you’re in for a phenomenal 2022 (and beyond)!

BiggerPockets Podcast 561: Establishing Your “Beachhead” to Work Less and Invest MUCH More | Q&A w/Craig Curelop

House hacking, renting by the room, co-living, boarding houses? These are all things that author, investor, real estate agent, and expert hacker of houses, Craig Curelop, is used to. Craig got his start in real estate investing by renting out rooms in his own home, having his roommates pay his mortgage for him, and eventually skating on to financial freedom. Craig is joined by another familiar expert house hacker and real estate investor, David Greene, to answer questions around lending, leases, and the legality of raising private money. With so many new real estate rookies in the investing sphere, this episode is a great intro for anyone who’s looking to plan, start, or scale their next real estate investment. Craig and David fire from the hip in this episode, answering questions live with topics ranging from scaling your business while keeping your free time, refinancing on a shared boarding house, raising private capital (equity vs. debt), what to expect when you house hack, and how to rent out your home in the snowy winter.

BiggerPockets Podcast 560: Double Your Rental Income with Co-Living Cash Flow w/Sam Wegert

Co-living (coliving) may sound a bit scary at first to a landlord. You have a bunch of young professionals living under one roof. What if there is an argument over cleaning, what if there is a fight that breaks out, will my property be ripped to shreds? Let today’s guest, Sam Wegert, quell your fears—co-living and house hacking can rake in cash flow, with way less of a landlord headache. Sam is no stranger to entrepreneurship and real estate investing. He bought his own martial art studio at the age of fifteen and his first rental property at nineteen years old. Now he boasts a portfolio of over twenty-two long-term rentals, ten short-term rentals, seven martial arts studios, and one online program. Even more impressive, Sam is managing over 150 different tenants throughout his thirty-two properties. How does he do this without ripping his hair out? Well, aside from the relaxation that comes after an intense sparring match, Sam has systematized his real estate business into a cash-producing machine. He has had to build his own property management and his own policies that help keep him, and his tenants, happy. If you’re looking for your next cash cow rental investment, this could be it!