BiggerPockets Podcast 509: Cars & Cashflow: Manny Khoshbin’s Story from Homeless to $1B

If you scroll through Manny Khoshbin’s Instagram, you’ll see wealth, success, and a lot of very nice automobiles. You may look at his life and say “well, that must be nice”, but there is much more to Manny than Ferraris and private planes. A few decades ago, Manny was homeless, sleeping in a car with five other family members, simply trying to survive in America. Manny’s dad wanted to protect his son from entering the military in Iran, so two weeks before Manny’s birthday, the family packed up and left for the United States. They were homeless for a couple of months but slowly were able to find jobs and scrape together some money. Manny worked at a swap meet, a K-mart, a multi-level marketing company selling snacks, and other various jobs. As he was working he realized that the people driving the Porches, Lamborghinis, and Mercedes were all investing in real estate. After making money in his entrepreneurial endeavors, he bought his first commercial property. Now, two and a half decades later, Manny is sitting on a billion dollars worth of real estate. Oh, and did we mention he bought this all without syndicating?

Copyright: Best Practices to Avoid Costly Claims

Think twice before posting that photo to your website or playing that song during a webinar. Copyright infringement demands can get very expensive, very quickly. Find out how to protect your association from copyright claims, what you'll need to defend an infringement claim should one occur, and lessons learned from a closed copyright claim.

BiggerPockets Podcast 508: How to 10x Your Deal Flow Using “Evergreen Content”

It’s tough out there. Between investors, agents, and wholesalers, everyone you know wants to get a home under contract. So what do you do when there is an influx of buyers and the same amount of sellers? Start building systems that can beat out your competition and will flow deals directly to you for years to come! Now we know what you’re saying, “I wish that were possible”, but it may be easier than you think. Trevor Mauch, founder of Carrot, spent years manually chasing after deals. Cold calling, door knocking, direct mail, and every other method you can imagine; he's tried it. While these strategies work great for many people, they’re labor-intensive and incredibly hard to scale. Trevor looked at the marketing he was doing that WASN’T outbound and realized it wasn’t only creating leads for him, but doing so while he slept. He then started building out Carrot, which helps set up agents, investors, wholesalers, and anyone else who wants off-market deals with websites that convert consistently every day. What sets apart Carrot from most “we buy houses for cash” websites is their “evergreen content” production. This content ranks you higher on google, gets sellers and buyers reaching out to you, and allows you to do less work and close on more deals.

BiggerPockets Podcast 507: Sacrifice, Failure and Pain, A 100 Days of Hell Success Story with The Iron Cowboy

Finishing a triathlon is a grueling achievement, only accomplished by those who are in peak physical and mental condition. Once finished, the top of the top go on to train for an Ironman, arguably the toughest triathlon on the planet. One hundred and forty miles of pain and pressure, broken up into a two-mile swim, a one hundred and twelve-mile bike ride, and a twenty-six-mile run. This is not a race for the faint of heart, and if you can finish just one, you have bragging rights forever. What would it take for someone to finish not one ironman, not two, not ten, not twenty, but 100 consecutive Ironman races, back to back? Wake up, swim, bike, and run over one hundred and forty miles, go to sleep, and do it all over again. That’s what James “Iron Cowboy” Lawrence did, smashing through world records and personal goals. James sits down with Brandon and David today to talk about mental toughness, creating goals that scare you, gradually working your way up to mastery, and asking “what am I willing to sacrifice to reach the end?” James had to run a business, take care of his seven-person family, and compete for more than a quarter of a year straight. If he can conquer one of the greatest physical and mental feats the world has ever witnessed, what’s stopping you from accomplishing your goals?

Coalition Letter on Rental Assistance Improvements

While NAR supports efforts to improve and speed up Emergency Rental Assistance Program (ERAP) funding disbursement, it opposes the requirement in the bill that housing providers not evict a tenant for an additional 120-days after applying for rental assistance on their behalf.

BiggerPockets Podcast 506: Achieving Financial Freedom Through Small Multifamily Investing

Financial freedom is attainable for all of us, but how fast we reach it differs greatly. You may be making $100 profit per month on each single-family home you buy, but what if you could multiply that profit? A duplex becomes $200 per month, a fourplex, $400, and a 16 unit apartment will net you a solid $1,600 per month. Now, it’s not a goal of buying 50+ single-family homes to reach financial freedom, it’s buying 10 or so small multifamily investments. This simple mindset tweak can change your life and investing career forever, it certainly did for Brandon Turner, host of The BiggerPockets Real Estate Podcast and author of The Multifamily Millionaire. This pre-recorded webinar walks through the key benefits of investing in small multifamily, how to find and finance deals, risks to look out for, and scaling so you can go full-time in real estate. There are tons of tips, tricks, and free giveaways (including discount codes) throughout this episode, and if you’re looking for visuals, head over to the BiggerPockets Youtube Channel to see the full slideshow!

BiggerPockets Podcast 505: “Act Like You Have 100+ Units” | Coaching Calls w/ Brandon Turner

You hear Brandon Turner’s voice quite often on the BiggerPockets Real Estate Podcast, but rarely is it heard advising new investors. Today, Brandon is taking on three live “coaching calls” with three investors, all in different stages of their investing career. Brandon and the guests talk through topics like scaling your business, branding your real estate company, and when the right time to hire is. These investors have portfolios ranging from a few units to more than forty, making this an episode that any investor can listen to, no matter where they’re at in their real estate investing journey. This advice is hand-tailored for each investor, and comes from someone who has made it out of that “awkward teenage investing” phase.

Window to the Law: Housing Vouchers and Fair Housing

Recent lawsuits alleging source of income discrimination for rejecting Section 8 tenants illustrate the importance of understanding and complying with state and local fair housing laws in addition to the federal Fair Housing Act. These best practices can help guide real estate professionals in this area.