BiggerPockets Podcast 492: Robuilt’s Tiny Houses That are Cashing in MASSIVE Profits Every Month

Rob Abasolo, AKA Robuilt on Youtube, didn’t have a background in real estate, or construction, or hospitality, or really anything related to his current success. He did have drive, creative thinking, and the will to make something work when other people told him it was impossible. Rob and his wife moved from Kansas City to Los Angeles, trading a $1,100 mortgage on a house for a $1,800 rent bill on a small apartment. Around this time, Rob started hearing about Airbnb and short-term rental hosting. So, he decided to buy a house, keep his apartment, and try his hand at some Airbnb arbitrage. It worked, and thus the short-term rental revenue model was proven! Rob then started to Airbnb out the apartment attached to his new home. He was pulling in some solid income, anywhere from $2,000 to $3,000 a month. So what did he do next? He built a “tiny house” in his backyard for around $72,000 and began renting it out for up to $4,000 a month on Airbnb. That’s when Rob thought “what if I built ten of these?” Now, four years later, that’s exactly what he’s done. Rob has a growing portfolio of short-term rentals all across the United States. From California to Texas, to Tennessee and beyond. But this isn’t the end for Rob. His new plans? Build a massive “glamping” compound on his newly acquired 50 acres of land in Gatlinburg!

BiggerPockets Podcast 491: 5 Rules of Health & Wealth to Become the Millionaire with a Six Pack

Many of us have a story behind doing what we do. You may have been raised by parents living paycheck to paycheck, spurring you to chase financial freedom and create a better life. Or maybe you labored tirelessly at work to get a promotion or raise, simply to be passed up for someone else. For Adam Gilbert, founder of MyBodyTutor, his “why” is his father. Adam looked up to his father all his life but saw the pain and distress he was going through when he had a heart attack, a triple bypass surgery, and was later diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. This forged a path for Adam that materialized in the health and fitness space. Adam knew that he never wanted to be “too tired” to play with his kids, spend time with his family, or pursue a passion. As Adam has grown his business over the past decade and a half, he’s come away with many lessons that ring true for not only fitness enthusiasts but business owners as well. We talk through the five rules that Adam has put together for anyone to become healthy, wealthy, and mentally sound. While this is a mindset episode, you’ll be surprised with how many of these rules crossover almost perfectly into real estate investing.

Gone Phishing

REALTOR® associations & MLSs are among cyber criminals’ latest targets. Look for red flags & take action to protect your association from cybercrime.

BiggerPockets Podcast 490: 7 “Ninja Tips” From One of Hawaii’s Largest Real Estate Investors

We all know that Hawaii is expensive. With its black sand beaches, fantastic surfing waves, and delicious poke bowls, why wouldn’t you want to live and invest there? Well, even with all those positives, many investors steer clear of Hawaii due to its high prices and lack of land, but one investor, Indar Lange, has proven those critics wrong. Indar is Hawaii’s largest flipper, running about 15 flips at any given moment, and tackling deals priced at upwards of $3,000,000! Indar is no rookie to the game, he’s been doing this for the last decade and a half, but he had humble beginnings. Growing up poor on a farm in rural Hawaii, Indar thought that his life would be set once he got his engineering degree. After realizing that engineers topped out at about $150,000 per year, Indar had to think of something else to do. He coincidently bought a small home at the time, fixed it up, and sold it after living in it for a few years. He paid zero taxes on the gain and this became his first live in flip, which caused the real estate wheels to start turning in his head. Now, he’s hooked up with some of the best lenders, agents, wholesalers, contractors, and investors in the Hawaii area, taking down massive deals for a big payday. You’ll hear Indar’s full story and catch his “Ninja Tips” for the aspiring real estate investor.